issue tracker bot

They've got thumbs, you've got Anson

We feel you, we've got you covered

Annoyed by customers texting you to raise issues? Imagine having a friend to help raise and keep track of the issues.
With Anson, you’ll never be bothered by customer issues and lose track of what they have told you anymore.

Texting, your customers love it!

Everyone love texting, text about anything.
Don't bother to ask your customers to write emails to report their issues because they will just keep texting.
Anson is here to respond and track the reported issues.

Automated and always up

Anson, the intelligent chat bot, is always available to respond to your customers' issues.
Day and night, rain and shine, don't get distracted by texts and you can carry on with what you are doing as Anson will always be there.

Cost effective & scalable

Cut your operation cost by removing the necessity to have a huge team to respond to your customers issues. Your customer base is growing? The good news is, that doesn't mean you need to spend more dollars to respond to the issues they report.

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